The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert

Reviewed By: Brittany Morgan

Alma Whittaker, the daughter of the famous botanist tycoon Henry Whittaker, is a revolutionary in the field of mosses. She spends her life studying this slow growing species and publishing her work via her friend George Hawkings. As an older Alma continues her research on mosses, and human nature, a young man named Ambrose Pike. This unlikely pairing of a scientists and a utopian artist is joined by a mutual desire to understand of human nature and the universe.

I love the storytelling aspect of this novel. Gilbert did an amazing job of providing a history of Alma and her family throughout. This allowed the reader to follow Alma from before her birth until she reached 90 years old. I was able to see her grow, mature and develop as the years went on, which added an emotional connection fro the reader as well. A negative aspect of the novel is at some points it can be a bit draggy.

Overall I enjoyed the book and appreciated Gilbert’s tacking of powerful themes ranging from the meaning of life to self discovery.

RATING: 4 stars