The Duke by: Gaelan Foley

Reviewed by: Brittany Morgan

Robert Knight, the Duke of Hawkscliffe, is determined to solve the untimely death of his forbidden love and will stop at nothing to figure out the truth. During his quest for vengeance Hawkscliffe, stumbles upon one of London’s most renowned courtesans, Belinda Hamilton, who he enlists to help him. At the risk of scandal, his political career, family name and his heart, Hawscliffe is unaware of the lengths he is willing to go for the ones he loves and the ones he thought he loved.

Gaelan Foley’s “The Duke” is unlike any other historical romance book I have read from the quality of writing, plot structure and even the time period. This Regency Romance covered all emotions that top tier historical romances have from extreme happiness, sadness, love and betrayal yet Foley executed it superbly. Belinda and Hawkscliffe came alive off the page and I was truly rooting for them and their happiness. My favorite aspect of the book was the complex plot structure that utilized political undertones and multiple outside character story lines. Foley defied historical romance stereotypes that often plague the genre, such as an unplanned/forced wedding or unexpected pregnancy, and blazed a path for an enjoyable and steamy read.

I devoured the novel and could not put it down at home, work or late at night. I recommend this read for readers who like historical romance books but want something unique.

RATING 5 stars


The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley

Reviewed By: Brittany Morgan

Carrie, a 30-something author, is relocating to Scotland in order to write her new novel. As Carrie gets carried away (couldnt help myself!) writing her new story, she discovers that it might not be fiction but fact.

I was really into “The Winter Sea” for 90% of the book but the last 50 pages ruined it for me. It had the most predictably stupid ending that I could have ever imagined. I was extremely disappointed in how it ended. I loved Carrie, Stuart, Graham and the characters in Carrie’s story and felt the ending of the book did not do justice to these likable characters. Susanna Kearsley did do an amazing job historically. It novel was informative on a period of history that is not often taught in schools. I really wish the ending was better though!

RATING: 3 Stars