Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah

Reviewed by Brittany Morgan

Two peas in a pod, Tully and Kate, started their life long friendship in the summer of 1974 yet two could not have been more different. Kate came from a loving family that was a little on the protective side, while Tully had an absentee mother and was raised by her grandmother. Tully and Kate’s friendship grew out of their mutual insecurities and an unfortunate incident that altered Tully’s path in life. Through college, the early stages of their careers and their journey into adulthood, their friendship will be tested, tried and hold true. The New York Times best selling author, Kristin Hannah’s Firefly Lane is a true glimpse in a life long friendship.

The story of Tully and Kate was not what I expected. I added Firefly Lane to my to-read list a while ago and finally picked it up. What I found was a great story about a life long friendship. Hannah follows different life events for both Tully and Kate during their 30 plus year friendship. It was great to see the characters grow and developed together and become the women they were meant to be. The change that the Tully and Kate experienced over time was sweet yet disappointing. It was upsetting to see them make the wrong choices, not take advantage of great opportunities and burn a viable love. The drawback from this stylistic choice is that their story was a little disjointed at times.

The ending completely came out of left field and did not do either character justice. It seemed like Hannah combined two different stories into one in regards to the ending. The mash up seemed a little forced and was not a clear continuation from the first three-quarters of the novel. I was glad to see that Hannah has a sequel to Firefly Lane titled Fly Away that will continue the abrupt end of the first novel. If you are looking for a feel good novel with a great a satisfying ending, then Firefly Lane is not for you.

RATING: 3 Stars 


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