Best Books of Summer 2014

A look at my Top 3 favorite reads from May – August 

By: Brittany Morgan 

Summer 2014 was a good one. I was able to take many adventures, fight alongside some of my favorite warriors and cry my heart out for the loss of a love one all through some amazing novels. From May through August I read 21 novels ranging from historical romance and fantasy to paranormal. In this post I’m listing my Top Three favorite reads from Summer 2014.

  1. The Duke by Gaelen Foley

                  This historical romance novel is one of my favorites of the genre. Foley was unique in her characterizations and plot structure. The concept of an authoritative, rich, attractive – okay sinfully handsome – duke meeting a not so well off beautiful younger women has been tried and tested. And you know what, if its not broken don’t fix it! Foley took on the typical historical romance archetype and made it her own with an interesting subplot and well developed characters.

                  For my full review on Foley’s The Duke, click here:

  1. Bellagrand: A Novel by Paullina Simons

                  I’ll be the first to admit, I am in love with The Bronze Horseman Series by Simons and I was overjoyed to see that she added to Alexander’s family background through Bellagrand. This novel starts off with Alexander’s parents, Gina and Harold struggling to earn in living in the early 1900’s. Living in the immigrant town of Lawrence, Massachusetts, Harold’s fall from societal grace causes him to turn to a new way of life: communism. His young wife, Gina, must make sacrifices in order to please Harold and his new outlook on of, even if it mean giving up what she most desires. Heart wrenching, beautiful and full of dramatic irony, Simons’ Bellagrand provides The Bronze Horseman fans the back-story that they have been craving.

  1. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

                  One word to describe Moyes novel, Me Before You: WOW (please note the uppercase). This book is simply beautiful. Ironically I first heard of this word of mouth hit via word of mouth and through one of my old teachers who said if I was to read one book this summer Me Before You was it and after finishing it, I know why. Lou Clark is going nowhere fast and at 27 years old its time for her to start thinking about the future. She is given the push that she needs when her boss closes his restaurant and she is forced to find employment elsewhere. Working through a series of temporary positions, Clark is unable to find a job that she likes, until she spots a caretaker position for 6 months. She accepts the position helping wheelchair bound Will Traynor and the rest is literary history.

                  Me Before You is one of the most impactful novels I have ever read. Moyes deals with real world issues through a refreshingly honest lens. The characters are true, pure and extremely likeable. Even though the ending was a little on the predictable side, I had no idea the title wave of emotions that would come out of it. I finished the novel at 3:00 am – because I simply could not put it down – and literally lost a night of sleep based off of the dramatic ending of the story. There is no wonder why Me Before You is a bestseller and beloved by fans world wide. Me Before You is not only my favorite novel of Summer 2014 but of all time.


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