Changeless by: Gail Carriger

Reviewed by: Brittany Morgan

Alexia Maccoon follows her werewolf husband to Scotland to figure out the reason that supernaturals wont change. Along with a brigade of her stepsister, best friend Ivy, scientist Madame Lefoix and maid, Alexia tries to solve the 1800’s latest conundrum. With all of the flair of a Victorian Age tea party, Lady Maccoon confronts a danger directly related to being a preternatural, in more ways than one.

Gail Carriger’s “Changeless”, the second in the parasol protectorate series, picks up the same witty banter of “Soulless”. The novel is fully enjoyable and an imaginative read that challenges the reader to solve the mystery along with Alexia. Her marriage to Conall is the ideal werewolf/preternatural pair –if there ever was one—that features trust, romance, humor and parasols.

For those that adore steampunk, or simply want to try a unique and witty novel, this book is for you!

RATING: 4 Stars


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