Brava, Valentine by: Adriana Trigiani

Reviewed by: Brittany Morgan

Gianluca made his intentions clear to Valentine in Capri yet it was not meant to be. While attending her grandmother’s wedding in Tuscany, Valentine comes face to face with Gianluca once again. Their simmering romance ignites once again as the couple embark in the uncharted territory of a long distance relationship. Valentine’s work life stability is not much better as her grandmother names Valentine’s brother, Alfred, partner the family shoe company. As life continues to throw curve balls at Valentine, she can either step up to the plate or never reach her full potential.

I did not realize that this book was a second in a series and I have to commend Trigiani on providing background information in the story so readers understood the context. I read this novel via audio book and it was one of the better ones that I have listened to. I enjoyed the narrator and her various accents for the English, Spanish and Italian characters.

“Brava, Valentine” is a classic tale of a character maturing over the course of the story and developing into who they are supposed to be by the last page. The problem that Trigiani and ultimately Valentine ran into is that she is in her 30’s and acts with the maturity of a teenager. The highlight of the novel was Valentine’s quirky family that anyone could find some relatable aspect with.

In short, this book was underwhelming at best. Trigiani tried to do too much in a relatively short novel and bit off more than she could chew. There were too many subplots, undertones and social concepts that she tried to employ but it came off as sloppy. The protagonist Valentine was far from likeable and even verged on pathetic on several dozen instances.


RATING: 2 Stars


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