The Best of Me by: Nicholas Sparks

Reviewed By: Brittany Morgan

“The Best of Me” is Nicholas Sparks’ latest book. It follows the lives of Dawson and Amanda years after their high school romance ended. Amanda is now married with three children and Dawson is single working at the oil rig in New Orleans. When they both meet up for a funeral, they rekindle their once in a life time romance and think about their future together.

Over all I was extremely disappointed by this read. I found most of the story stating the action, rather than experiencing in it. It included complex outside stories that have little meaning to the overall plot. I never connected to Dawson and Amanda to like, or respect for that matter, as characters. And the ending, not to give it away, was predictable and at best.

This book has been made into a film that is scheduled to come out October 17, 2014. It stars James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan. 

RATING: 2 Stars


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